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About us
Helpster is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that operates as a mobile application, providing a platform for fundraising to support the treatment of children in need living in remote regions. Our aim is to make the process of raising funds for vital healthcare easy, transparent, and efficient.

Helpster Charity is a nonprofit, registered in Estonia, registry code 80622371
Our project

At Helpster, we are actively involved in developing an infrastructure that connects hospitals, volunteers, children in need, and patrons. This comprehensive project also includes the validation of both the hospital and the child's case to ensure that we support genuine and deserving cases. We form partnerships with hospitals and non-profit organizations, referred to as "Partners," who collect and provide us with information about Patients in need of medical treatment. In turn, Helpster reimburses the costs associated with the medical treatment provided to these Patients.
Our mission

Our primary mission is to save lives by funding access to vital healthcare worldwide and create a movement of heroes. We are committed to ensuring that no child suffers or dies simply because they lack the financial means to pay for basic healthcare. Through our fundraising efforts, we are dedicated to providing an opportunity for these children to receive the medical treatment they urgently need.


Frequently asked questions

Helpster is an NGO that works as a mobile app that provides fundraising for the treatment of children in need in the remote regions — easy, transparent and efficient.

It is a project that develops an infrastructure that connects the hospitals, children in need, volunteers, and the patrons, as well as conducts the validation of both the hospital, and the child’s case.

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Feel free to write us. We really love to communicate with our heroes.
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